Frank Kelson

President of the Blickenthorp Chapter of the Adventurers' Alliance


A halfling rogue and leader of the Adventurers’ Alliance chapter in Blickenthorp. He and his party recently recovered a magical gauntlet from the Wilds north of Blickenthorp.

At the party celebrating their success, Kelson made derogatory comments toward Slagathor’s race and challenged the party to an Alliance-regulation duel, pledging the support of the local Alliance chapter’s adventurers to the defense of Blickenthorp if his party lost. Kelson and his party dominated the duel, 4-1.

Kelson is very proud of his heritage as a member of the Kelson family of shipwrights.

His party includes Thunk, a minotaur barbarian; Nora, a human frost wizard; and Adelle, an eladrin spear fighter.

Frank Kelson

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